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2012 Pauline Huneke Memorial Scholarships Recipients


This year at Bosses' Night 2012 we awarded five scholarships in the amount of $750 each from the Pauline Huenke Memorial Scholarship Fund to:

Nicolette Bartello - Largo High School graduate attending UCF

Jodie Dangler - Seminole High School graduate attending SPC

Charles Kalck - Seminole High School graduate attending SPC

Anthony Michelotti - 2012 Palm Harbor University High School graduate to attend UF

Paul Austin Roberts - Dixie Hollins High School graduate attending SPC

Congratulations to each of our recipients!



Holiday Auction Report<?xml:namespace prefix = o /> 

PAEOP's 2012 Holiday Auction which was held on 11/08/12 was one of our most successful Auctions to date! Due to the quantity and quality of the amazing items that were auctioned, we were able to raise an amazing amount, $2,173.00 profit for our Pauline Huneke Memorial Scholarship Fund! Many deserving students will be able to benefit from this event.

Vicki and I have updated our auction checklist for next year, we learn each year of ways to improve on the pre-Auction things that need to be done.


Vicki Batcheller and Mary Ann Smith