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Member Information


Member of the Year and Boss of the Year 2012


The nominations are all in and tallied.  The most deserving active PAEOP member who has completed at least 3 years of service in PCS has won!    Congratulations - Valerie Venable!


The most deserving Boss of the Year - Michael Bessette, has been nominated by a PAEOP member who has worked for them for at least 3 years and WON!  Congratulations!


Haven’t renewed your membership yet? Now’s the time!


Any PCS employee may nominate a PAEOP member in January 2012.


We always welcome new members! 

PAEOP's main purpose is to raise sufficient scholarship funds to assist a few college-bound Pinellas County School graduates striving to be teachers, business entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, and beyond,  Help us grant more dreams by becoming a PAEOP member today!  Please renew your membership with our caring and friendly organization.  If you haven't been a member for a while, we want you back!  Don't miss out on a thing!  Bosses' Night is not our only activity!  Please renew your membership with our caring and friendly organization. 


PAEOP is a great way to network with other office professionals within our school system and beyond.  We are also affiliated with our state organization, FAEOP and our national affiliate, NAEOP, which gives us even more exposure to a broader network of office professionals - not only state wide but nation-wide.  Please come out to our meetings and join in on the fun and be a part of something big!


Membership Statistics 

We would love to see our membership grow with more local,  state, and retired members.

2010-11 PAEOP Members................  77


2010-11 PAEOP PCSB Retirees......... 4 


2010-11 FAEOP (State) Members..... 18


2010-11 NAEOP (National) Members.....6 

Don’t miss out!  Join today!



It’s not too late to join in order to attend Bosses Night. Dues are now $9.00 for local PAEOP and $20.00 for state (FAEOP) – optional. The state association offers regional workshops in the fall and spring. For more information, please contact: Sharon Ingram – 547-7100 ext. 4541.



School/Department___________________________________ Pony Route_______


Annual Dues: $9.00 State Dues: $20.00

Scholarship: __________ Retiree: $4.50 Total Submitted____________

Please complete and return to Sharon Ingram, Facilities & Operations, WPSC, Pony Route 2